The Mora were the largest tactical military unit of the Spartan army. Mora is also a type of 19th-century Swedish longcase clock, as well as a Costa Rican drink consisting of blackberry juice, water and sugar.

But most importantly MORA is our theater company.

MORA is the amalgamation of our names Laura Hooper and Mark O’Neil, a husband and wife* writing and performing partnership from London, UK. (*We’re not really married). We tried a few different name combinations but LORK rhymes with DORK and MARKA sounds like a permanent ink pen. We also liked the way it sounds if you say it in an Italian accent…. we like-a theater and would like more-a of it.

“It was such fun to see my house transformed into a performance space, or rather, I should say, Sylvie Cranshaw’s kitchen. Sylvie cooked us up some delicious hors d’oeuvres, and then served it up with drama and humor! So glad to have had the MORA experience in our home.” Kitchen host, Brooklyn, November 2011

“Crumbs! Sylvie is an extraordinary cook, hostess and raconteur.  She welcomes her guests into her home, her kitchen and her heart.” Audience member, Brooklyn, November 2011





“Hooper hugs tight to her character’s emotional contours”New York Daily News

Laura Hooper trained at East 15 Acting School in London, UK and HB Studio in New York.

Laura is an actress, writer, director and producer who has worked internationally in Theatre, Film and TV for eons.  Theatrical acting highlights include; playing Sylvie in “CRUMBLE” in the most wonderful homes, Aphrodite in “Cupid & Psyche” at The Barrow Group, The Queen in “The Persians” a tour of Amphitheaters in Cyprus, Olivia in “Twelfth Night” in London parks, originating roles in “Supermarket Shakespeare” in supermarkets across London, Natasha in “Three Sisters” at The Theatre Museum, Covent Garden and devising a show for Miramax. Laura wrote, produced & starred in her debut film “Cat On The Matt” which was recently screened at festivals in NYC. Laura’s latest radio play “Yakim, The Spiritual Advisor” is now ready and available for your ears on Geste podcast; to listen, click here. For more information please visit – www.laurahooper.info



Mark O'NeilLike most people, Mark O’Neil began making stuff up during childhood. His theater pieces, short stories, screenplays and comedic monologues have been showcased in various venues in the US and UK. CRUMBLE was selected for performance at the inaugural International Samuel Beckett Festival, in Northern Ireland in 2012. His play Invisible Glue was a winner at the Short Play NYC Festival in 2014. His most recent production was Ready Yet To Take For The Heart To Stand, which was performed at the BritBits Festival in NYC in April 2015.

Previously their joint work has been created as part of the innovative UK based theater collective Teatro Vivo. But with Mark and Laura both now based in New York, they continue to  work together as MORA.



BrookeBrooke is new to The Crumble team as of 2015, but she was first introduced to Sylvie Cranshaw and her tasty nibbles at a kitchen on Wall Street in 2011!

Brooke is a Pueblo, Colorado native who can withstand very spicy things and once memorized so many digits of Pi she won a t-shirt. Brooke studied business and theatre at The University of Denver and spent a semester at The Globe Theatre and The Guildhall School for Music and Drama in London in 2008. In Denver, Brooke was an active member of “Write to Act” and also performed in many main stage roles at DU – her favorite being Leona in Small Craft Warnings.  She was also cast as a piece of fruit several times – once as an apple in a commercial and once as a bunch of grapes for a new soda event. To escape the type casting, she relocated to NYC in 2010. In New York, Brooke toured with Orpheus Descending to Mississippi where they performed in churches throughout the state. Brooke studied at The People’s Improv Theater and is a co-founder of Loyalty Program, a long-form indie team performing weekly throughout the city. Brooke was recently the production coordinator for the “Bad Kitty: The Series” music video. She is currently co-producing a mini web series of short, improvised scenes about the strange subtleties of relationships.

For more detail about the show, visit the ABOUT section

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